Privacy Policy

What information does K Square
Tech need to collect from you as a customer?

K Square Tech, in dealing with you as a customer, may need to collect and retain information that identifies you as a customer so that transactions can be carried out either online or personally. The information we may collect includes:

For establishing an account:

  • Name and address(es)
  • Contact telephone number(s) and email address(es)

For personal identification:

  • Photo ID – either NZ Driver’s licence, passport (NZ or foreign), or an NZ 18+ card (Note foreign driver’s licenses cannot be verified and are therefore not accepted)

We have website tracking that records interactions with our website, excluding personal information. This is analysed by K Square Tech Tech ourselves in order to make our website experience better.

Why does K Square Tech
collect and retain personal information?

We use this information to undertake any dealings or transactions with you (see the Terms and Conditions for further details). Personal photo ID information may not be needed unless you need to personally pick up goods from any one of the K Square Tech stores, and we need to ascertain that the person picking up the goods is the correct person as per the transaction. We may take a copy of the identification supplied. This is also to protect your interest and security as a K Square Tech customer.

Who can access this information
and who is it shared with?

The information will be collected by specified K Square Tech employees who need to have access to your personal data to carry out the transactions. The level of accessibility to your personal data is proportional to the job function that each team member performs.

We may disclose aggregated shopper statistics, but none of these statistics will contain any information about identifiable customers and their individual shopping habits.

Certain information may be made accessible to other persons or bodies corporate engaged by K Square Tech for or in relation to any of the purposes listed in use of information of the Terms and Conditions.

Can you refuse to provide
the information asked for?

If you do not wish to provide the information asked for, you have the right to refuse to provide it, however K Square Tech may not be able to proceed with the transaction if the information required is necessary for K Square Tech to ensure the transaction is conducted in a legitimate manner while protecting the interests of both K Square Tech and you as the customer.

Storage of personal information

We are aware that you may be concerned about the privacy and confidentiality of your personal information. We have taken many steps – from both technical and systems perspectives – to ensure that all of your information is well protected, however we also recommend that you do not disclose your loginID and password to anyone.

Using Social Features

We may offer functionality that allows you to create or log into your account using a third party service, such as Facebook or Google. If you choose to make use of a third party service for creating or logging into your account, or otherwise use any social media features we make available, we may access information about you via that third party. Information we receive may include your public profile information, such as your profile picture, gender, birthday, email address, phone number, profile ID and your name (if you have made that information available on your public profile).

Generally, you can restrict what information is made available via third party services like Facebook and Google by updating your privacy settings with the provider. We encourage you to review your privacy settings and the relevant provider’s privacy policy

What is K Square Tech
policy on allowing me to view, change or delete my personal information?

You are able to view, change or delete personal account information held by K Square Tech in the “My Account” area of our website. However, to change or delete personal information provided to us via a third party in connection with the use of social media functionality (such Facebook or Google logins), you will need to update your details or privacy settings with that provider.

You may also ask us for a copy of any personal information about you that we hold or to change or delete any personal information about you, by contacting us either at email address:, telephone No: 07-210 1122 or visit us at No: 27 Collingwood Street, Hamilton Central, Hamilton 3204

Marketing and advertising

You may choose to opt in to marketing emails from K Square Tech Tech during the account creation process, via the My Account section in the K Square Tech Tech website(s) or through a number of clearly marked email newsletter sign-up forms in the K Square Tech Tech website(s). If you no longer wish to receive marketing emails / newsletters from us, you can find and click on the unsubscribe link in each of our marketing emails and we will opt you out from receiving future marketing related correspondence.

We may share your information with selected third parties including advertising platforms to present you offers and information about products and services we believe will interest you when you visit other websites. We may sometimes run advertising campaigns where we share your email address and mobile number with Google and Facebook to help us show you relevant content, offers and ads when you visit other websites. This also helps us avoid showing you information about products and services you’ve already purchased.

Credit Card Security

K Square Tech does not store, or process credit cards.

Direct Payment Solutions processes transactions for New Zealand, and EFTPOS New Zealand LTD processes our Australian transactions.